Expert evaluations for meeting Healthy Homes Standards

Tuesday 31 August 2021, 3:20PM
By Media Giant

As of July 1, all private rentals must now comply with the Healthy Homes Standards for any new or renewed tenancies within 90 days. 

This means that if you are about to renew or enter into a new private rental agreement, you will need to make sure that your rental property meets all the Healthy Homes Standards as set out in 2019. 

As a landlord, you must meet the heating, ventilation, insulation, moisture ingress and drainage, and draught stopping standards. This is to ensure the health, comfort, and wellbeing of your tenants, and to reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs for landlords across New Zealand. 

Whether you have had work done recently in order to meet these standards, or need to double-check that your property ticks all the boxes as legally required, a professional evaluation will help you to move ahead with the tenancy. 

Comprehensive Property Reports (CPR) New Zealand offers expert Healthy Home evaluations for properties across Wellington, the Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, and surrounding areas. 

These evaluations are also available for potential buyers who may wish to check if a property meets the standards prior to investing in it as a rental. 

The CPR NZ team offers a unique service, where two qualified professionals will carry out individual inspections, then combine their findings into an easy-to-read report for a comprehensive evaluation that doesn’t miss anything. 

You will receive your report within 24 hours of the evaluation itself, allowing you to move forward either with repairs or upgrades or with entering into a new or renewed tenancy agreement. The report will also be mobile-friendly, allowing you to review the information quickly no matter where you are. 

Call CPR NZ on 0800 677 328 or email to discuss organising a Healthy Homes evaluation of your property or to find out more