Victoria Street Dental welcomes patients under Alert Level 3

Wednesday 1 September 2021, 2:26PM
By Media Giant

The central Wellington dentist is offering emergency and urgent dental care appointments for patients in the capital city.

Severe pain, oral infections, fractured teeth, swelling, bleeding, or other issues with your oral health that disrupt your everyday life all need immediate attention from a dentist. Victoria Street Dental will see you for a face-to-face appointment even during the heightened alert level for any of these symptoms.

The dental practice has increased its protective measures to keep both those working and patients who visit the clinic safe. These include physical distancing, avoiding the use of waiting rooms, compulsory contact tracing, limiting patients to 1 in the treatment room, and regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

We will have a phone consultation with you before booking you in for an appointment, as we may be able to offer a treatment option through the mobile. However, if we consider the issue to be of severity, we will see you in person and provide adequate treatment to stop the pain.

Victoria Street Dental complies with all governmental requirements and is looking forward to supporting patients with toothache and oral health issues under COVID Alert level 3. Call our team today if you have any oral health issues, and we will be happy to offer our advice and book you in for an appointment.

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