Business as usual for Media Giant with their team working from home

Friday 3 September 2021, 11:04AM
By Media Giant

The digital marketing and SEO company performs their services as usual, with the whole team working from home.

Media Giant continues to build websites and optimise existing ones for the search engine in a virtual and socially distant way. The team is available for online conversations through Zoom and phone calls to discuss your business needs under the current alert level.

The Wellington SEO company has created COVID messages for several of their clients, including dentists and lawyers, to keep their customers updated about how they are operating in Levels 4 and 3. This supported their connection to their clients and kept information relevant, which the companies would likely not have been able to do without the SEO business’s help.

The designer team has even started building completely new websites for clients, who recognise the importance of an online presence, especially during a time when we are only able to communicate with each other virtually. With a successful work from home setup and the team being in touch with their clients and each other daily, Media Giant was able to keep doing their job without any changes even in the lockdown.

If you would like to maximise your visibility online and ensure that future customers find you when searching on Google, get in touch with the Wellington SEO company, who, even in lockdown, is able to offer all their services.

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