Success at the Emergency Leaders Programme at Victoria University

Friday 3 September 2021, 12:53PM
By Media Giant

Andrew Fox, managing director at NZ Leadership recently ran the Emerging Leaders Programme at Victoria University of Wellington. The three-day programme ran from the 11th to the 13th of August and included nine attendees from a range of companies, government departments and organisational levels. Andrew has held senior leadership, training, and strategy appointments worldwide and brings a unique blend of leadership facilitator, academic theory, and proven leadership experience into his facilitation.

The course was an interactive journey for the participants and included self-reflection, individual and team exercises, interaction, case studies and goal setting, along with leadership theory, tools, tips and techniques.

Participants have indicated the quality of the course in their feedback, with one saying: “A pragmatic and really useful insight into my own behaviours, which in turn will lead to better interactions with colleagues and peers. Loved the open and respectful dialogue on this course, and Andrew Fox was an excellent facilitator.”

The course was divided into three main parts and started with the participants learning about leading themselves, leading teams and applying the theory in a workplace setting. The Emerging Leaders Course increased participants’ knowledge about themselves and how they can use their personal leadership style to their advantage.

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