New Zealand's favourite window style - now in efficient uPVC

Tuesday 7 September 2021, 3:14PM
By Media Giant

The awning style of window is the most popular in New Zealand, with a hinged top edge that allows the window to swing outwards

This style functions beautifully, looks sleek and elegant and allows for easy airflow - even when it’s drizzly or raining. And with Eco Auckland, the awning window is available in uPVC, making this popular choice even more practical. 

uPVC, or Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, is an advanced material that offers numerous benefits to the home. It has natural insulating properties, which helps your home stay warmer in winter and keeps the cost of heating down. These uPVC frames are also naturally resistant to noise, ensuring your home is quieter - which can be especially helpful for those living close to roads and highways. 

Additionally, uPVC is resistant to rust, rot, and corrosion, and won’t require maintenance or repainting over the years. It needs nothing but a quick wipe down with soapy water from time to time, making it a highly durable and long-lasting material for your windows. 

Combine these practical and desirable qualities with double-glazed windows for added warmth and noise control, and the uPVC window is the smart and sleek option for any home. 

The uPVC awning windows from Eco Auckland open with a gentle push and remain open with friction hinges that stop them from slamming shut. They open to roughly 70 degrees and can be locked open with a 10mm gap for fresh airflow and security. 

The double rubber seal feature means that when closed, these awning windows are 100% airtight, and the multi-point locking system offers extra security and safety with every window. 

Eco Auckland is a leading supplier of uPVC windows and doors across Auckland. Call 09 973 0610 or email to contact the team and find out more about awning windows or any of their high-quality uPVC products.