Smart Slide doors in uPVC for all new builds and renovations

Tuesday 7 September 2021, 3:16PM
By Media Giant

Sliding doors are a wonderful addition to any home, offering an easy and compact doorway to the outside world. Smart Slide doors are the latest innovation in sliding door technology, making this Kiwi favourite smoother, quieter, and better for the home. 

A Smart Sliding door looks much like a regular sliding door but is made to glide much more easily and close more softly. This adds a more luxurious feel and makes life easier for anyone who struggles to open and close heavier sliding doors. 

The Smart Slide range from Eco Tauranga can be made to any dimension to make the most of natural light and the region’s beautiful scenery, and have an airtight double rubber seal and multi-point locking system that offer added security and defence against draughts. 

The configuration of Smart Slide doors is flexible, allowing you to choose the best option for your space. For example, it can have four panels, with the two outer panels fixed and the inner panels able to slide to meet in the middle. Or you might opt for two panels, one of which is fixed and one of which slides. 

You can also determine the locking style. You might prefer to have locks on both sides so the door can serve as an entrance, or you can choose the alternative style that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. 

When made with uPVC, Smart Slide doors also offer added strength, durability, and insulation. They keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer for more comfort and lower power bills, and their natural noise resistance minimises sound pollution (especially when paired with double-glazed windows). 

It’s easy to see why uPVC Smart Slide doors are a top choice for many new builds, renovations, and retrofit profits in Tauranga and surrounds. 

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