Tilt and turn windows offer a more modern, flexible home

Tuesday 7 September 2021, 3:19PM
By Media Giant

Building or renovating a home comes with a lot of decisions, including the type of windows to install. Popular choices include awnings that swing out from the top, standard casement windows that are hinged at the side, and even windows that hinge at the bottom to swing inwards at the top. 

Yet with innovation comes more choice, offering builders and home owners the option to install tilt and turn windows. These dual-function windows feature two different opening mechanisms - the tilt and the turn. 

The tilt function allows you to open the window by swinging it inwards from the top for some airflow while maintaining security, and ensuring no small humans or animals can climb out. The turn function operates like a casement window that is hinged on one side, so it can open further and allow more airflow indoors as needed. 

By installing tilt and turn windows in your home, you get the best of both worlds.

Tilt and turn windows are available from Eco Doors & Windows, where all windows and doors are made from highly durable, eco-friendly uPVC. 

This material is an excellent thermal insulator, meaning it keeps the heat in during cool winter months and keeps it out during warmer summers, minimising heating and cooling costs in the home and reducing the impact on the environment. It also offers insulation against noise - creating a quieter home when the windows and doors are closed. 

When locked, the tilt and turn windows are also highly secure. They have a multi-point locking system and an airtight rubber seal, ensuring optimum security. 

Eco Doors & Windows is a leading supplier of uPVC windows and doors throughout the Wellington region, and can discuss the best window style options for your renovation or new build. Get in touch by calling 04 974 8930 or emailing to find out more.