Blockout roller blinds for better sleep during longer days ahead

Tuesday 7 September 2021, 3:23PM
By Media Giant

Spring is officially here, meaning longer, sunnier days are on the horizon. That’s great news for many, but for those with east-facing windows, night shifts, or simply a love of sleeping in or daytime naps, it can make sleep that much harder. 

If the bright sun is negatively impacting your ability to get enough sleep, blackout roller blinds can offer the relief you need. They fit snugly into your window and effectively block out the sun, allowing for a darker, more restful sleep no matter the time of day. 

Additionally, blackout blinds can also offer added privacy in the evenings if your windows face the street or are close to a neighbour’s property. 

The standard option will fit inside the frame, with a small amount of light coming into the room around the sides of the blind. For that intent on a dark room, you can have your blinds installed over the frame so it completely covers the window. Another option is to opt for a full cassette with a side and bottom channel, or an open fascia, which stops any light coming through at the top but not the bottom or sides. 

As well as the exact style, you will also have the choice of fabrics and colours. This allows you to pick something stylish that complements your existing colour palette and decor, while also enjoying the benefits of a darker room. 

You can even choose a double bracket and have a sunscreen blind for daytime use to reduce the amount of bright sunshine that enters the room, but still, allow plenty of light to see by. 

Just Blinds is a Wellington business that makes custom blinds for homes and offices all over the region. From blackout roller blinds to skylight blinds, they specialise in just one thing, and they do it well. 

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