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Remove Search Marquis Engine Virus

Wednesday 15 September 2021, 7:02PM
By David Blaine

The online advertising sphere underwent a substantial jolt ever since malicious programs called adware stepped in years ago. These applications can also be referred to in many different ways, for instance PUPs which stands for Potentially Unwanted Programs, or browser hijackers. Their main goal is to insert sponsored data in places where it doesn’t belong, or reroute web browsers to pages that contain ads in them.

Search Marquis engine is currently amongst the prevalent adware entities in the wild. Its propagation is huge, knowing no borders and covering different parts of the world. You don’t normally install such thing as Search Marquis proper; it infiltrates computers in a stealthy way instead, bundling with other software’s setup packages. The typical portrait of these digital accomplices is composed of such features as free-of-charge distribution as well as multimedia or entertainment orientation. So whenever you decide on getting a new system player or browser toolbar and find one, be sure to review all of the installation options carefully and un-check any items that it attempts to promote in case they look suspicious. In particular, look for things like Search Marquis engine, Adobe Flash Player and Search Protect by Conduit.

So, let’s assume the infection did go through. What happens to the compromised operating system? The components that get primarily affected are web browsers. Search Marquis engine virus installs aggressive add-ons in Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Just like with the contamination process, the appearance of these extensions is not preceded by your being asked for permission. These unwanted browser helper objects don’t just stay dormant to go active when you choose to use them. Instead, they immediately change your custom browsing settings. All of a sudden the homepage, new tab page and default search engine get modified. They will now point to It doesn’t take a scientist to realize what this means: you will start getting constantly redirected to said domain titled Search Marquis, respectively.

What’s so special about that makes its owners want to get loads of traffic to it? It’s a landing page for the entire Search Marquis engine malware campaign. Not only does the site contain ads on its start page, it also has sponsored links on every search results page showing up after an arbitrary keyword lookup. Therefore, since there are ads – there is profit. But what should the victims do?

There isn’t a single reasonable option other than removing Search Marquis engine adware if you’re infected.