Open vs Closed Kitchens: What are the Differences? A Kitchen Designer's Perspective

Friday 1 October 2021, 11:05AM

By Vicky D



Do you know what the differences of an open plan kitchen and a closed plan kitchen is? Or, maybe this is your first time hearing about these kitchen plans? 

During the kitchen renovation process, most homeowners are unaware of the importance of choosing the right kitchen floor plan for their lifestyle. Each floor plan, open or closed come with there own distinct advantages and benefits that can contribute to each and every lifestyle. 

Partnering up with our in-house kitchen designers we have created a guide that highlight everything you need to know about both Open Plan Kitchens and Closed Plan Kitchens. This guide covers information from kitchen design recommendations from real designers, the techninal renovation process of each kitchen, to all the pros and cons you should be aware of. 

Want to learn more about kitchen and start the journey to find the right kitchen floor plan to fit your needs and wants?

Have a look at our newly published guide at: