Casement windows from Eco Tauranga

Friday 1 October 2021, 12:17PM
By Media Giant

One of the favourite window styles in New Zealand from Eco Tauranga is sure to provide excellent benefits for your home!

Casement windows are commonly seen across various buildings in New Zealand. This simple style is hinged at the side and opens outward like a door. The friction hinges allow the window to remain open at the exact angle you are looking for, making it easy to adjust the amount of airflow.

All our uPVC windows come with double glazing and a rubber seal that makes the products completely airtight, eliminating any cold temperatures from coming into your home. A multi-point locking system on the casement windows ensures that your household is kept safe from unwanted visitors.

Even though this window style is relatively simple, it is one of our most popular models and can make a stylish addition to your house or apartment. Eco Tauranga offers its expertise and support for our customers when selecting uPVC windows. We will measure and manufacture the windows to fit your home perfectly and provide excellent benefits. Get in touch if you are interested in our casement windows in Tauranga, or visit our website to explore some other options!