Canda draws attention to the importance of vulnerability management

Tuesday 5 October 2021, 2:16PM
By Media Giant

The cybersecurity business has highlighted the need for companies to apply patching and vulnerability management strategies to prevent cyberattacks.

Canda explores the necessities of regular patching or updating applications on devices, networks and systems to their latest version. These updates often address security concerns that previous versions may have proved vulnerable in and make it difficult for hackers and other cybercriminals to access private information.

We go on to explain the added protection that vulnerability management offers to both large and small companies and how New Zealand businesses can benefit from this practice. Vulnerability management includes discovery, prioritisation, and response as part of its process and ensures that the organisation regularly assesses cybersecurity holes. These work to find issues even before a new version of an app comes out and put the necessary steps to be taken into a priority list. It ends with the business responding to the threat by patching the system or creating a new protection measure.

Canda strongly advises organisations to apply vulnerability management across all applications, networks, devices and systems to protect data and information. If you need support with your organisation’s cybersecurity, the team at Canda will be happy to help! Get in contact with us or visit our website for more information!