Improve your smile with Central Hutt Dental's teeth whitening

Tuesday 5 October 2021, 2:35PM
By Media Giant

Central Hutt Dental offers professional teeth whitening services to the Lower Hutt community!

We regularly see people unsatisfied with the colour of their teeth and hiding their genuine smiles from friends and family. Our dentists have come up with an in-practice whitening and take-home whitening solution that ensures your smile gets brighter and your confidence larger.

The in-practice teeth whitening is performed by one of our professional dentists, who first do a general check-up to ensure that everything with your oral health is in order. We remove any build-up and plaque that could reduce the effectiveness of the whitening. A jelly sustain containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth, and a special LED light is used to activate the ingredients.

Our take-home whitening kit contains a custom-made tray, syringes and whitening gel, which you wear for a specific time as indicated by your dentist. These offer a gentle, effective and convenient method to whiten your teeth.

All of Central Hutt Dental’s teeth whitening is safe and makes your smile brighter without taking any risks. To avoid discolouration after whitening, reduce your red wine and coffee consumption and make sure you brush your teeth twice a day!

Get in touch with the friendly Central Hutt Dental team to find out more about our teeth whitening methods, or explore our website to see how else we can help you!