Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Floor, You Name It

Wednesday 6 October 2021, 5:45AM
By Premium SEO NZ

For a while it seemed like mirrors had faded away in favour of alternative décor options like statement walls, prints, and tapestries. However, just like the timelessness of original artwork, mirrors are a décor staple that never really disappears. And boy are they making a comeback!

What makes mirrors such a versatile design option is how they can come in literally any shape and size. They’re also really easy to adapt to any given overall look of a home – metal or wood frames for something more industrial, frameless for something sleek and modern, gold-trim for a touch of glam.

And they’re functional too. When used well, mirrors are not only useful for checking that you’re looking good before leaving the house, but they can make smaller rooms look bigger, tight spaces feel broader, and dark areas lighter. They can catch the changing hues of the sun to add interesting lighting dynamics, and can even be used as faux windows to give the illusion of an additional outside view.

Current trends also mean that mirrors don’t all have to be hung on a wall. There are many standing options, with mirrors being placed on floors, countertops, or shelves to great effect. There’s also the option of utilising one large mirror in a space, or a variety of different ones to create an interesting focal point.

One of the easiest ways to find the right kind of mirror that works both functionally and decoratively within a given space is to shop around online. While many retailers offer a wide variety of mirrors, it could prove worthwhile to check out a bespoke online mirror shop, where it’s more likely to find both ready- and custom-made options. Whatever the case, taking advantage of the current mirror trend is guaranteed to freshen up your home’s look.