Renovate your kitchen with Garcia Plumbing & Gas

Wednesday 6 October 2021, 2:49PM
By Media Giant

The Wellington-based plumber and gasfitter can fully equip your kitchen with gas cookers, kitchen sinks and water filtration systems.

Whether you are changing your electric stovetop to a gas one or upgrading your gas cooker to a more modern version, the experienced team at Garcia can help. These heat up almost immediately and are ideal for precision cooking, offering several benefits over a traditional electric option. Our team can install and service these products to ensure that you always have a safe stovetop to work with.

We are also able to replace old kitchen sinks and fit waste disposals into your existing sink, so you can grind up any unwanted food and be more eco-conscious. If you have a blocked sink that’s giving you trouble, it can be a great idea to replace it with a new, more modern one, and we can help with that!

Garcia is proud to offer water filtration services for your benchtop in the Wellington region to encourage safe water use and drinking. This service keeps your water clean and ensures you are protected from any unwanted materials.

Garcia Plumbing & Gas offers a range of services that will help you renovate your kitchen. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help and visit our website for our other plumbing and gasfitting services!