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Heads of Government Health Transition Unit to Speak At FPHANZ Webinar

Wednesday 6 October 2021, 5:57PM
By RedPR

Director and Deputy Director of the Government’s Health and Disability Transition Unit (TU), Stephen McKernan (former Director General of Health) and Martin Hefford, will speak at a Federation of Primary Health (FPHANZ) webinar this week.

FPHANZ Board Chair, Hon. Steve Chadwick, says this is a unique opportunity for Federation members to meet, hear from and ask questions of the two top officials heading this key body.

“The board is pleased to be able to bring this opportunity to Federation members. We look forward to working with the Transition Unit, the Māori Health Authority (MHA) and Health New Zealand (HNZ) as the health sector starts on the road of reforms,” she says.

Messers McKernan and Hefford will provide an update on key progress of the health system reform programme, including plans for the next nine months; an update on the latest locality networking model thinking and work on prototype; the NZ Health Charter, the NZ Health Plan, and an update on the Māori Health Authority and Health New Zealand.

“As the peak body for [1]primary healthcare in New Zealand, we understand how important it is to successfully integrate the primary healthcare system as these changes are explored and implemented. Our primary healthcare system has always been key to the success of the New Zealand health system as a whole,” she says.

The Covid restrictions meant FPHANZ had to change the plan for a kanohi-ki-te-kanohi (face-to-face) forum this month, to a series of short zoom webinars starting with this Friday’s event.

[1] Primary healthcare is anything that supports health and wellbeing to treat people if they are not well, preventing them from being unwell, and keeping them well at home or in their community.


Our Mission | Mīhana

To make comprehensive primary healthcare the foundation of the New Zealand health system. 

Who we are:

The Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa is New Zealand’s peak body for Primary Healthcare.  We promote health and wellbeing, on behalf of members for the benefit of the population of New Zealand. In 2018, 70 of New Zealand’s primary health care leaders representing PHO’s, pharmacy, midwifery, allied health, nursing and others came together to form the Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand.  The organisation was initially chaired by Dame Annette King.  The current chair is Hon Steve Chadwick. 

Post COVID and with the health system review well underway, the reach and membership of the Federation is being expanded to all areas of primary health including: Aged care, Wellness, Community health, NGO’s, Mental health, Māori, Iwi, Disability, Professional organisations.​

The Federation is an all-encompassing body that requires members to set aside their separate sector interests – putting patient-centred care before all else. FPHANZ aims to lead the discussion in primary healthcare policy throughout New Zealand. Membership represents all providers of primary care.

The Federation was established to bring together organisations and stakeholders from across the primary healthcare sector for the benefit of the health and well-being of all New Zealanders. FPHANZ believes fostering effective partnerships with communities and promoting integrated multi-agency and multi-professional health services is the way forward. The Federation is committed to providing an interactive forum that enables collaboration and partnership; endorses co-design with communities; facilitates the sharing of information, knowledge, and resources; promotes good practice and equitable health outcomes; and contributes to the development and implementation of health policy.


Following the adoption of the Constitution on 29 March 2021, a number of board members have transitioned, and others have been co-opted. They will hold their positions until the next AGM which is to be held on the 24 November 2021, 11.00am-12.00 noon. An election will take place then.

Current Board Members

Hon. Steve Chadwick (Independent Chair)

Karen Guilliland – College of Midwives

Andrew Gaudin – Pharmacy Guild

Dr Angus Chambers – General Practitioner, Christchurch PHO

Dr Jeff Lowe – General Practitioner and Chair General Practice New Zealand

Dr Sue Adams – College of Nurses Aotearoa

Teresa Wall – Director, Wall Consultants

Sheldon Ngatai – Consumer Representative

Phillip Chapman – Consumer Representative