Get HR Advice from Hello Monday!

Friday 8 October 2021, 10:57AM
By Media Giant

Hello Monday supports organisations with human resources advice in the Wellington region.

Businesses would like to avoid HR problems, but sometimes it is inevitable that an issue will come up, and this is where the expert HR consultants from Hello Monday play their part. We suggest you call an expert early on before the issue expands and gets harder to solve.

At Hello Monday, we offer advice and support services through phone consultations, onsite at your workplace and even perform mediation if required. Our experienced and qualified consultants are able to guide businesses through the complexities of HR and make the process simple.

Whether your employee is regularly showing up late to work, has raised a personal grievance, or has a harassment complaint, we can help. We are also able to support you in updating policies, creating job descriptions and working on employee agreements to reflect your business and needs accordingly.

Hello Monday are your human resource experts in Wellington, and we are here to make HR easy and straightforward for you. If you need an expert, contact our friendly team, and we will offer a tailored solution to your organisation!

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