Teeth whitening at Hutt Dental Hub

Friday 8 October 2021, 12:12PM
By Media Giant

Get the smile you have always wanted with Hutt Dental Hub’s teeth whitening services!

If your teeth are discoloured and you are not confident with your smile, get your teeth whitened with our friendly dentists at our central Lower Hutt clinic. The process begins with an assessment of your oral health to ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening. We remove any stains and build-up to ensure you get the best results.

We then begin the treatment using a peroxide-based whitening agent, which is applied to your teeth. Your teeth are then exposed to an LED light, which activates the material and speeds up the reaction to help you get whiter teeth in a short time.

All teeth whitening at Hutt Dental Hub is safe and offers the most remarkable results on the market. To reduce discolouration, try drinking less coffee and wine and stop smoking. Our friendly team can give some oral health tips and tricks to help you keep your new smile for a longer time. Book an appointment with Hutt Dental Hub to get your teeth whitened and gain your confidence.

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