Cosmetic dentistry services at Johnsonville Family Dentist

Monday 11 October 2021, 12:02PM
By Media Giant

The Johnsonville dentist offers teeth whitening, veneers and crowns to get their patients the perfect smile.

Our dentists are experienced in correcting issues such as discolouration and imperfections with our cosmetic dental practices. We understand the impact that an uneven smile can have on one’s confidence, and we provide our services to perform a smile makeover.

Johnsonville Family Dentist’s cosmetic services begin with a consultation with one of our friendly dentists, who will assess the condition of your oral health and offer treatment options that will give you a smile you are looking for.

Teeth whitening is an excellent choice for people who have discoloured teeth from drinking coffee or smoking. Whether you have slightly or severely discoloured teeth, our treatment is sure to give you a brighter smile.

If you are looking for a more serious change, veneers may offer the results you are looking for. These porcelains and thin composite layers are designed to fit seamlessly over a tooth. If one or a few of your teeth aren’t looking like the rest, a veneer could be an excellent way to match them.

Get in touch with Johnsonville Family Dentist if you would like a bright and perfect smile, and explore our website for our additional services!