Labels now available in all shapes and sizes from Labels Plus

Monday 11 October 2021, 1:27PM
By Media Giant

Labels Plus can print full-colour labels in all shapes and sizes for your business across New Zealand.

Labels Plus can make all designs come to life with their high-quality printing solution, whether you need labels or stickers for everyday household products, food and beverages, or health and beauty items. With full-colour premium vinyl or self-adhesive budget options, we stock the type of label that you are looking for.

Vinyl is a great option for more demanding applications, such as where labels have to be waterproof. It is a long-lasting solution that comes in a variety of types and won’t fade over time. On the other hand, our budget products can be laminated with a clear film to protect against the sun and liquid spillage, so they can also offer an excellent solution.

We can print labels and stickers in any shape, width and height you want and can supply the finished product on a roll or in a sheet format. Our labels are made of the highest quality and provide you with the ideal solution for your business. Contact our team to find out more about our products and visit our website to explore our other solutions!