Get your EFTPOS terminals from POS Technology

Thursday 14 October 2021, 10:10AM
By Media Giant

POS Technology offers a range of EFTPOS Terminals for Wellignton businesses.

With fewer people using cash to pay for purchases across the country, it has become crucial to have an EFTPOS terminal in retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants. The COVID situation has added to this further, as people are inclined to pay with Paywave to reduce contact with surfaces.

At POS Technology, we have a wide range of EFTPOS terminals available that have inbuilt Paywave function, Bluetooth and Broadband communications. All our models have an incredible processing speed to ensure that your customers can pay for their purchases quickly and without frustration.

You are able to hire or purchase EFTPOS terminals from our company. We want to ensure that every business gets access to this high performing equipment, whatever their needs may be. With a wide range of models available, you can select more advanced ones if you have several people coming through your store daily or an older version that is cheaper but gives you just as many benefits.

If you need point of sale equipment for your business or store, get in touch with the friendly team at POS Technology. Explore our website for all our available products in the Wellington region!