Upcoming Webinar: Navigating Business in a Covid Environment

Thursday 4 November 2021, 3:39PM
By Duoplus


What you need to know about HR, Cashflow and Business Planning right now

Part of the Auctus difference is to support our customers through tricky times. This includes the uncertainty businesses are facing in this COVID world. And the impacts of ongoing disruption and change. 

Join us in our two-part webinar series where we will help you understand some of the new legislation around HR, and key tools for making difficult business decisions relating to staff, cashflow, and continuity. 

  • Session One - 10th November at 10am or 7.30pm
  • Session Two - 18th November at 10am or 7.30pm

In session one, we will look at some of the government mandated updates that have taken place over the last couple of months, and address misconceptions around: 

  1. Staff vaccination – Updates to the government’s workplace requirements
  2. Changes to the Holidays Act and how it will affect you and your team
  3. Different ways of looking at your business and tools to make changes – including the latest digital tools, and how to monitor cashflow

10th November

In session two, we’ll expand on:

  1. How to focus on what you can control within your business 
  2. Contracts vs handbook – what you need to know to avoid expensive mistakes
  3. Critical updates needed for health and safety plans in the workplace
  4. What you need to do NOW to create a strong business continuity plan 

18th November 

Understanding your HR requirements as a business is essential to a fair and compliant workplace. Join as we partner with Success HR to review some of the changes that need to be navigated in this ever-changing environment. 

Success HR is a leading Employment Relations and Health & Safety company. Whether you are a small, medium or large business they can offer a customised end-to-end solution supporting you to effectively manage your employees and Health & Safety compliance.

Register now for this webinar starting next week.