Make renting better with Copo

Friday 5 November 2021, 11:29AM
By Media Giant

The Wellington property management company supports investment property owners across the Wellington region.

Copo puts people first and supports property owners in any way they can. We see landlords as our business partners and tenants as our clients. We work closely together with our stakeholders to produce a successful business strategy for owners and a comfortable and ideal place to live in for our tenants.

Our team supports first-time and international property investors across the Wellington region. We see beginner investors often being unsure about what rental property to purchase to get the most income. Legal obligations, responsibilities, and choosing tenants can be challenging to those who have never done it before or are based overseas. Our team supports all types of investors in growing their property portfolio journey.

Using a property manager will take the hassle and stress out of your investment. Copo ensures that your property complies with all requirements, has reliable tenants and gets the greatest benefit for you as an owner. If you are looking for a trusted property manager, explore our website and get in touch with our friendly team. We work with property owners and tenants across the whole Wellington region.