Casement windows from Eco Doors & Windows

Friday 5 November 2021, 1:19PM
By Media Giant

Upgrade your traditional casement windows to uPVC double glazing with Eco Doors & Windows.

Casement windows are one of the most common options across New Zealand that offer excellent benefits to homeowners in the capital city. These are one of our most popular designs due to their simplicity and ability to be used in a range of applications.

This window is hinged at the side and opens out like a door. The friction hinges that we use on the frames ensure that it stays open at the angle that you desire, with a maximum opening of 70 degrees. Our casement windows are able to lock at 10mm and 100mm, so you can keep your home ventilated while you are out during the day. It also has a multi-point locking system, which supports the security of your home further.

The uPVC frames with double glazing create an eco-efficient home that has the highest thermal and soundproofing qualities on the market. These windows are an excellent choice for all Wellington homes, as they withstand all environmental impacts and create a comfortable home for the household. Get in touch with us to find out more about our uPVC window solutions!