Dental hygiene treatments at Naenae Dental

Tuesday 9 November 2021, 9:55AM
By Media Giant

Dental hygienists and oral health therapists support the structure of patients’ teeth at Naenae Dental.

Our dental hygienist treatments include scaling and polishing stains and deposits off your tooth surfaces to treat any concerns and underlying issues you might have. Our care prevents, diagnoses and treats gum disease and sets your mouth up for a healthy life. As this disease is often symptomless, we recommend visiting a hygienist at least twice a year to avoid complicated issues with your oral health.

Based on your specific needs, we might suggest a more regular dental maintenance appointment to stabilise and prevent additional concerns. Our dental hygienists will also provide you with comprehensive advice about at-home care and how you can protect your teeth and gums from decay and diseases.

The Naenae Dental hygienist team offers much more than just tooth cleaning. We can also support you with whitening, nutritional advice, product suggestions and plans, implants and prosthetic maintenance, sensitivity treatments and advice about decay. Your teeth will thank you for visiting the dental hygienist regularly!

Book an appointment with our oral health therapists today to ensure that your teeth are fully healthy. Explore our website for our other dental services!