The Double Glazing Company (Wellington) Limited announces rebrand

Tuesday 9 November 2021, 10:08AM
By Media Giant

The Double Glazing Company (Wellington) Limited has a new trading name: Eversure Double Glazing.

The Double Glazing Company (Wellington) Limited believes that the new brand reflects their work and passion for creating the best double glazing results for households across Wellington. With the rebrand came a fresh new website, where customers can browse the range of double glazing options on offer and their benefits.

Although the name and branding have changed, the team remains the same, with the same commitment to finding the right double glazing solution for people’s homes. With over 11 years of experience, Eversure Double Glazing has helped thousands of people obtain a more comfortable home for themselves and their families, so you know that you can trust the team to offer you the greatest solution!

Eversure Double Glazing specialises in both retrofit and new double glazing for timber and aluminium joinery. Double glazing offers the benefits of climate, damage and intrusion control while also offering a modern design. If you would like to learn more about Eversure or are looking for a trusted double glazing company in Wellington, get in touch with the friendly team.