No Worries for Natural Gas Users

Friday 19 November 2021, 10:40AM
By Media Giant

Users of reticulated natural gas often express concerns that the resource will run out, leaving their appliances, heating systems, and hot water cylinders unusable at some undetermined point in the future. Wellington plumbers and gasfitters Garcia Plumbing and Gas are spreading the word that using natural gas in the home is a safe bet for years to come, as this is an issue with a simple solution.

New hydrogen-based gases are already being trialled in New Zealand and overseas. Most modern household gas appliances can operate on these gases with little or no adjustments, and they will form a backstop to natural gases. This removes the concern about the resource running low due to demand—and there are other benefits to the eventual use of these new gases.

These innovative gases will also play a part in New Zealand’s road to carbon zero. They are renewable and produce low or no carbon emissions, helping the country to reduce emissions. Gas can continue being used for heating and cooking in Kiwi homes, without concerns for dwindling supply and adverse environmental effects.

If you’re interested in using gas for your hot water systems, heating, or cooking now and in the future, get in touch with Garcia Plumbing and Gas online or on 022 046 1463. The team offers top quality gasfitting and maintenance across the Wellington, Hutt Valley, and Porirua regions.