7 EASY Steps To Your Private House Sale In 7 Days

Wednesday 24 November 2021, 4:47PM
By Your Property Solutions

Did you know selling your house and moving into another is one of the most stressful things a person will put themselves through! 45% of Kiwis said it was more stressful than a divorce or breakup!


Crazy right?

Selling your property and moving on doesn't have to be such a big undertaking,


The good news is when you're dealing with private house buyers, you're dealing with some of the most flexible buyers in the market, we’re talking about cash buyers that don’t need approvals from banks and insurance...


Let alone their ability to offer flexible settlements which gives you the time and space to move on without all of the stress


In this article, you will learn the next 7 steps towards your private house sale within the next 7 days once you have filled out our form

Your information is added into our secure database and is assessed by our team, some light research is conducted on your property, location, proximity to amenities, and house value. 

You will receive an email with our 3 Step Sold Formula to get you started and exactly one month after that you will receive another email filled with educational videos and tips for when it comes to selling your property privately

You will be contacted as soon as possible. - For a casual conversation whereby we are trying to determine whether we would be a good fit for you


We will arrange a time to come and view the property as well as exchange email details should you have any documentation to send through ie: engineering reports, building reports, or quotations. 


Billy will meet you for your property appraisal where he will take 15 - 20 minutes to walk around your property to get a better understanding and feel for it and further discuss specific details about your potential offer that will be drafted within 24 hours

Your written offer will be presented to you preferably in person (depending on your situation) so you have the chance to be well informed about the contents of the offer so you know exactly what you're getting into

You will have the opportunity to discuss & think over your offer with friends, family and a lot of the time our clients prefer to have their solicitor look over it before any commitments are made. 

The decision is then up to you, our job up until this point is to provide you with all the information necessary so you can be sure you're making the right decision.


Let’s say an agreement is reached between all parties on day 7

From that point onwards it’s up to us to take care of the rest


Get in contact with our team today to begin your journey to Sold


As always, we’d love to hear from you




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