Brand and Type: Both Important Considerations when Choosing a Heat Pump

Thursday 16 December 2021, 4:05PM

By Premium SEO NZ



Since the world’s average temperature continues to rise, many NZ homeowners are opting to install heat pumps in their homes. The improved technology of these appliances means that newer models are more environmentally friendly, and investing in a high-quality product can ensure the long-lasting and efficient cooling/heating of different living spaces.

In order to make the right kind of investment, those looking to purchase a heat pump should keep both brand and unit type in mind, as well as the area that needs cooling/heating. In respect to brand, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi heat pumps all offer top-quality products.

Then, there are five main unit types, namely central, ductless mini-splits, window, ground, and portable. Central systems are best for heating/cooling an entire house, but can be rather pricey. In the case of looking to heat/cool only certain rooms, ductless mini-splits, window, or ground units tend to be better. All these do, however, require inside-outside installation, which means potential alteration to a wall and ensuring that the unit is installed in an area that allows for optimal air expulsion. The indoor area also needs to be considered, as a higher-placed unit might work better in some cases, while a ground unit better in others. In comparison, portable units are often the cheapest and do not require any building alterations – as long as there is window access from which to expel and/or draw air, the unit is good to go. But, these units can take up more ground space and can be less efficient in heating/cooling larger rooms.

Before investing in a heat pump, it would be best to consult with an installation company that specialises in different types and brands, so as to get a recommendation for the best unit to purchase for the area or home in question.