Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade: NZ Job Management Software for Tradesmen

Friday 17 December 2021, 1:41PM
By Duoplus


App Review

New Zealand has developed world-leading job management software for tradesmen including electricians, heat pump installers, plumbers, painters, locksmiths, and so on.

Tradify, Fergus, and iTrade have all been developed in New Zealand by experienced and qualified tradesman and are also popular in Australia and the United Kingdom. They are all, to one degree or another, similar apps with similar features.

This makes the comparison interesting.


Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade: Features

The three apps all offer features you would expect of an app for tradesmen. With Fergus, some of the features are only available in the higher pricing plans, or as add-ons:

  • Job quoting 
  • Invoicing
  • Job scheduling
  • Automated timesheets
  • Integration with accounting software like XERO
  • GPS and interactive maps
  • Signature capture
  • Worker analysis
  • Compliance Certificates
  • Material and Supplier management

iTrade have additional features not available on Tradify or Fergus

  • Customisation for customers, stock, suppliers, etc
  • Customisation for marketing purposes
  • Customisation for templates, recurring jobs, etc
  • Multiple currencies

Given the similarity in features, let’s compare ease of use, scalability and price.


Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade: Ease of use

All three apps achieve high scores for ease of use, with some users commenting that Tradify can become very slow at times, which can cause frustration.

iTrade make the claim that their app is the easiest to use job management software on the market. Customer testimonials certainly indicate that this could be true.

Some of iTrade’s customers have switched from alternative apps, and love how easy iTrade is to work with. They also love the amount of time they save due to its functionality.


Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade: Scalability

Scalability is a significant factor in this comparison.

  • Tradify suggest that their system is good for 20ish users.
  • Fergus suggest that their system is good for 50ish users.
  • iTrade suggest that their system is good for unlimited teams with unlimited users per team.

The ability of iTrade to grow with the company is unparalleled in this comparison.


Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade: Cost

Price is perhaps the biggest differentiator in this comparison.


All features, all the time. Free set-up assistance

$39 per user, per month.

  • Free set-up assistance
  • Unlimited everything
  • Free lifetime support
  • Free updates & upgrades

Tradify have expressed this in a clear and compelling manner which is easy to understand and implement.


Three pricing levels.

  1. $0 per user, per month. A simplified job management app with no commitment. Limited to 10 Jobs per month and 3 Invoices per month.
  2. $40 per full user, per month: Reduce admin time and double handling. Includes most of the main features. $15 per full tradie or apprentice, per month
  3. $60 per full user, per month. Get in-depth insights into your business. Includes extra features like GPS tracking, files and photos, purchase orders, checklists, etc.
  4. $15 per full tradie or apprentice, per month

Other features are only available on the $60 plan and cost extra, including job sign-offs, certificates, and custom forms.

Although this scheme is a bit more complicated, Fergus have plenty of customers who seem happy with this arrangement.


  • $0 per user, per month for one-man bands. Includes all features.
  • $20 per user, per month.  
  • $10 each/month: Once you reach 7 users additional field users are only $10.
  • Admins and non-field managers are always FREE

That is exceptional value for money!  This pricing structure certainly makes it easy for tradies just starting out, as well as large corporate trade companies.

Looking at these prices you could be forgiven for thinking it is a lite version. But iTrade is not a cutdown or basic system by any means.

Although iTrade job management software has been designed to look very simple, very logical and easy to follow, those that want to can drill down into all the various module options and make full use of the many high end features.

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*  Every effort has been made to report features accurately. Some websites do not always have relevant information available.