Struggling With Inflammation? Changing Your Diet Can Help

Wednesday 26 January 2022, 5:56PM
By Premium SEO NZ

If you, like many others, suffer from chronic inflammation, the good news is that making a change to your diet can help. Inflammation in and of itself is actually a good thing – it is, after all, your immune system defending your body against infection. But, when inflammation persists, or when your white blood cells start incorrectly identifying threats that aren’t there, it can lead to issues like arthritis, heart disease, some types of cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

If you find that you’re struggling with persistent joint pain, stiffness, or swelling, it may be time to not only visit your doctor, but to have a long hard look at what foods you’re putting into your body. This is because it’s been scientifically proven that a poor diet (high in sugar, fat, and refined carbohydrates) can have an adverse effect on health. Conversely, a good diet (high in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) can hold positive health outcomes.

The same applies specifically to inflammation. The great thing about making changes to your diet in this regard is that it’s a low-risk option unless you have or develop allergies. This means that, in consultation with your doctor, you could likely treat your inflammation without having to deal with the potentially adverse side effects of medication.

To reduce inflammation through dietary choices, you’ll want to focus on including NZ superfoods like berries, fatty fish (oil), and leafy green vegetables. If you can’t gain the necessary quantities of these superfoods, you could always include a natural supplement as part of your diet. You’ll also need to simultaneously reduce your intake of sugary, carbonated drinks; fried food; and refined carbohydrates like white breads and pastas. With a few small dietary changes, you should see marked improvement in your mobility and a reduction in pain caused by inflammation.