Law Counsel gives businesses tactics re Covid

Monday 14 March 2022, 1:09PM
By Ministry for Families

The Law Counsel, based in Pukekohe Auckland, is giving businesses advice on how to deal with Covid legislation to prevent the closure of their business and/or from being sued.

"We are advising businesses to trespass government officials and ask customers to sign a waiver not to sue should they get Covid on their premises. This would allow them to serve all customers and also stop them from being sued for discrimination by the unmasked or unvaxxed. It is now accepted that vaccination does not stop transmission so refusing to serve the unvaxxed is nothing more than discrimination and there is strong scientific evidence that suggests not only does mask wearing not protect anyone but causes harm. If businesses are doing their due diligence they should realise the bottom line is that the risk in making a judgment call on vaccinations or masks is far too high for them to make, especially considering we do not know the long term effects on either as yet so the best way forward is to contract themselves out of this quagmire " says Lynch.

A Law Counsel member was evicted from Mitre10 Pukekohe last week for not wearing a mask. As the customer stated to Mitre10 staff enforcing the eviction, Liz and Bruce however 1) she has a mask exemption 2) she doesn't have to show it as per the website 3) a mandate is not a law it is a request and you have the right to agree or refuse it and 4) she believes it breaches the Crimes Act 1961 section 189a that states that no one has the right to hinder your breathing with their hand or a device.

"She also shared the above as a Public Service announcement with all the customers shopping at Mitre10 Pukekohe that afternoon, which would have taken more than a few people by suprise as she knows the law better than Mitre10 staff it seems" says Lynch. 

Despite trying to contact Mitre 10 head office repeatedly over the past few days they have refused to return calls to media.

The Law Counsel has now begun legal proceedings and will be serving a Notice of Liability in due course, not only on the business owner but staff members who enacted this who are also personally liable.

It costs $20 per annum to join the Law Counsel and a free waiver template is being offered to new members. To join the Law Counsel email