Petition to Save St George's Maternity Service Being Presented On Wednesday

Friday 8 April 2022, 5:44PM

By RedPR



A petition with more than 30,000 signatures will be presented to the St George’s CEO next Wednesday 13th April.

Sheena Ross from Rata Midwives in Christchurch says she has contacted Blair Roxborough to inform him of the plan.

“We felt it was important to show the respect to the thousands of signatories, and hand deliver the petition,” says Ms Ross. 

Supporters are being encouraged to meet at Elmwood Park on Heaton Street (the tennis court end), at 10.30am on Wednesday 13th April, and walk to St George’s at 11am to present the petition.

“Submissions on the change proposal for the primary birthing service at St George’s close on Thursday the 14th so we wanted to make sure as many as possible know that and submit on this really critical issue,” says Ms Ross. “We hope the profile the march to St George’s might get, will help promote the submission deadline.”

The team at Rata Midwives say they have been overwhelmed by the huge support shown for the petition which was started on Friday 26 March and had eclipsed 25,000 signatures in only four days. 

Submissions can be made by accessing this link