Design And Build Or House And Land – Which Is The Better new-build option?

Wednesday 13 April 2022, 12:30PM
By Premium SEO NZ


It can be difficult for Christchurch locals to enter the property market. As such, many are turning to new builds as a solution.

New builds hold great appeal for various reasons. For one, you can build in a desirous, oftentimes less populated area and design exactly the house you want. For another, you can make certain choices that allow a new build to be more cost-effective with a good return on investment.

Those looking to build new have two primary options – ‘design and build’ or ‘house and land’. Of these, the house and land approach relates to buying into a new development. This is where you can purchase a home off a set of predesigned plans and then make certain decisions regarding layout and finishes to ensure the design is what you want. While these choices may not be endless, and especially the exterior may be limited in options, it's still a great way to buy a new home that suits your particular needs. And, the general exclusion of transfer fees makes this a budget friendly option.

Regarding design and build in Christchurch, this approach relates to a completely original build. Unlike a traditional build, where you would have to hire different firms (architects, contractors, interior designers, etc.) to complete each phase of the build, a design and build model means everything is managed by a single firm. This significantly streamlines the process and makes it far easier to come in on budget. And unlike the house and land approach, your choices for every aspect of the home are far broader.

It is clear that either of these new-build options is viable, so it will eventually come down to your own unique desires, requirements, and budget as to which is the better fit for you.