Why You Should Choose Coffee Pods Instaed Of Coffee Capsules

Friday 29 April 2022, 11:37PM

By Premium SEO NZ


Coffee pods and coffee capsules are indisputably, categorically NOT the same thing, yet far too many companies sell them as such.

Although the end product is the same, the distinction between coffee pods and coffee capsules is due to their differences in properties, namely the physical structure highlighted below.

What is the Difference?
Coffee pods
Coffee pods are a lot like tea bags.

The pressed coffee powder is contained in a paper pod in a disc shape.

To use the pods, just place them in the coffee machine's filter and turn on the brewing system.

Coffee capsules
Coffee capsules are packs made of plastic or aluminum that contain coffee powder.

They are typically cylindrical in form and feature an aluminum top.

They are designed to be used exclusively with capsule coffee machines and are frequently limited to a single brand.

Why coffee pods are better

1. Physical characteristics
Due to the physical characteristics of the coffee pods nz, percolation is much simpler. Water does not pass through impervious materials such as plastic or aluminum, but only through a thin wrap of paper, which results in a more creamy coffee with a more homogeneous flavor.

2. Eco-sustainability
Because the pods are made of completely biodegradable materials, they can be safely thrown away or recycled. Capsules, on the other hand, can't be recycled and have to be thrown away in landfills or burned up.

3. Less hazardous
With coffee pods, hot water passes through a 100 percent natural vegetable paper filter that leaves no residue. The same cannot be stated about the capsules, despite the fact that no scientific evidence has been discovered. The hot water jet plows through the metal or plastic capsules, transferring traces of these substances into the espresso coffee. Plastic capsules, for example, have a high quantity of furan, which is hazardous to human health.

4. Compatibility
The E.S.E. pods have become the industry standard since they are all the same size and are compatible with the majority of coffee machines on the market. This is not always the case with capsules, which are often incompatible with machines at home or in the workplace.

5. It is less expensive
The lack of materials such as plastic or metal also provides for price reductions. On average, pods are less expensive than capsules while offering the same, if not better, results.

The above aspects will help you decide if pod coffee is for you or whether you like the kettle, percolator, drip-style, or espresso machine. Remember to consider time availability, quality standards, variety needs, convenience, and your genuine enthusiasm for coffee.