Hamilton Accountants Offer Virtual CFO Services

Thursday 5 May 2022, 4:08AM
By Duoplus


Hamilton accountants, Auctus, are more than just business accountants – they do things differently.

They still do the number crunching, the tech investigation and business evaluations, but their services go far beyond a normal accountancy firm.  

One example is offering virtual CFO sevices.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO) gives startup and small businesses the same possibilities as their larger competitors.

Auctus understand that the growth of NZ businesses affects more than the business – it is the growth of the family and personal lives of business owners. Having a mature inhouse finance function is a luxury that many businesses cannot afford, often leaving the business owner chewing up valuable time on finance and accounting operations.

Limited time and often a lack of financial acumen results in tasks being done simply to ‘tick the box’.

With vCFO, Auctus become a strategic partner adding value-driven analytics, allowing you to implement proactive decision making.

They custom build a plan to strengthen the way your back-office processes and reporting operates, leaving your business with a strong and contributing finance function.

This plan will include expanding your financial understanding through regular reporting and discussions with our team.

Contact Auctus - vCFO could be just what you have been waiting for. 0800 AUCTUS