Kobelco announce 7250 Crawler Crane Now Ready to Launch

Thursday 5 May 2022, 8:50AM
By Duoplus

Kobelco's crawler crane 7250 has taken advantage of new technologies to raise its performance to new heights.

Precision and high-elevation crane jobs depend on accuracy and speed, whereas heavy-lifting depends on trustworthy power and strength.

The perfect answer comes in our new 7250. Hoist winches with powerful linepull are designed to handle the toughest jobs. Large drum capacities combined with a new hydraulic system promote ultra-smooth operation.

Excellent transportation features enable cost saving. Of course, Kobelco is renowned for its engineered technology backed with long and worldwide experience, therefore productivity-boosting technical advances can be found everywhere.

With the lifting performance, transportation features, smooth control functions, safety features, also durability and reliability, the 7250 can handle and satisfy all types of crane jobs. Kobelco is proud to announce the new 7250 crawler crane.

  • Max. lifting capacity 250t at 4.6m
  • Max. crane boom length 76.2m
  • Long boom length 73.2m to 91.4m
  • Lifting capacity at the max. working radius 3.2t at 78.1m
  • Max. combination (crane boom + fixed jib) 76.2m + 30.5m
  • Lifting capacity at the max working radius 2.4t at 88.0m
  • Engine output 247 kW
  • Max. line speed 110m/min(First layer)
  • Spooling capacity (first layer) 53m
  • Rated line-pull (main/aux.) 132kN 

There is no doubt that the Kobelco 7250 is a powerful and versatile machine that offers a number of great features and benefits. If you are looking for a crawler crane that can handle even the most challenging jobs, then the Kobelco 7250 is the perfect choice for you.