Agsafe Weekly Report

Saturday 14 May 2022, 3:59PM
By Media PA

Finance:  The NZ dollar continued its downward move as our economy continues to falter with high inflation.  The budget this coming week will probably just confirm more unproductive spending on Green Party initiatives while ignoring major infrastructure.

Wool:  Wool prices remain in the doldrums with minor market fluctuations that seem to come to nothing.  

Beef, Sheep & Venison schedules: The meat schedules are mostly steady to firmer with some minor intercompany changes.  Killing space is at a premium with dairy farmers finding it difficult to get culls away. 

Dairy Prices:  Prices have eased following last week’s drop in the g/DT.  Fonterra has lowered its forecast for the 2021/22 final payout.  We are all interested to hear the opening price for the 2022/23 season.