Agsafe Weekly Report

Monday 23 May 2022, 8:23AM
By Media PA


Finance:  The NZ dollar rebounded slightly but the economy continues to falter with high inflation.  The budget comments are below.  The inflation rates in many Western countries are between 7% & 9% with control measures struggling to control it.

Wool:  Wool prices remain in the doldrums with minor market fluctuations that seem to come to nothing.  

Beef, Sheep & Venison schedules: The meat schedules are steady with some minor intercompany changes.  Killing space is at a premium with dairy farmers finding it difficult to get culls away.  There is also difficulties in shipping product. 

Dairy Prices:  The g/DT eased again by 2.9% with the big drop being in the WMP.  WMP down 4.9% to $US3934, SMP down 0.6% to $US4116.  The auction offered moderate volumes with sales into the fickled China market pushing the index down.

It is time to check in with any incoming staff and ensure the shifting arrangement all fit together.  If the farm is sold or the sharemilker is moving on, discuss any feed deficits and under-conditioned cows before the change-over. It is easier to sort out problems before everyone parts company than a week or 2 later!!!.