New Kobelco for Coastline Crawler Cranes

Friday 27 May 2022, 1:43PM
By Duoplus

TRT Australia has recently supplied Coastline Crawler Cranes with a Kobelco crawler crane.

Coastline owner, Kevin Robertson, stated, “You can’t fault the Kobelco crawler”. Robertson continued on to say “I purchased an M1100 from TRT, which is a 100t capacity Manitowoc. I operated this for 12 months before a customer in New Zealand wanted to purchase it because it featured free-fall winches. I traded that machine in for a late 2019 M12000 model. Then in December of 2021, I took delivery of the new Kobelco CKS1100G.”

One of the most beneficial features of the Kobelco CKS1100G model is its transportability. The crawler has been designed to make mobilising and demobilising the crane easier, which can reduce the cost of transporting it.

However, the real cost savings come from the fact that the crane can be assembled and disassembled without needing another crane, thanks to the self-removal device. This increases productivity and speeds up the time it takes to get the crane operational.

The Kobelco CKS1100G Features:

  • Self-removal device
  • Nested boom 
  • High tensile steel plating
  • 110t capacity
  • G-Winch
  • Diesel Particulate Active Reduction System

The Kobelco crane is taking productivity and functionality to a new level with the Kobelco CKS1100G. If you are in the market for a crawler crane that can save you time and money on the job site, then the Kobelco CKS1100G is the crawler crane for you.

About TRT

Tidd Ross Todd Ltd (TRT) is a privately-owned, family business, specialising in the design, manufacture, sales and delivery of products and services within New Zealand and Australia’s road transport and construction industries.

Their key areas of business include manufacturing, design and engineering, truck and trailer parts, truck and trailer mechanical service and repair, crane sales and service, trailer sales and heavy transport and equipment design and manufacture. More recently TRT has become the NZ Distributor for Hiab equipment and services and KOBELCO crawler cranes.