How well is your power company "switched on" to your needs?

Friday 3 June 2022, 9:57AM
By CTMA New Zealand Ltd

A major industry-wide customer experience study needs your help to find out how well New Zealand customers are being served by their power companies

Never before have New Zealanders had so many energy suppliers to choose from, and never before have there been so many issues driving their choice.  From energy costs to stability of supply and sources of renewable energy.

But with such a wide range of choices and issues to consider, how well are our electricity and gas supply companies “switched on” to the actual needs, wants and expectations of their customers?  And is the customer still satisfied with the service they receive?

To find out, CTMA is conducting a major industry-wide study to provide all New Zealand electricity and gas customers with the opportunity to voice their views about the service they’ve received from their power company during the past year.

Through an online questionnaire the study asks customers a series of questions about their overall satisfaction with their power company.  It asks about any problems they may have encountered during the year, how well the power company dealt with their concerns, and where they may see any strengths or improvement opportunities.

It’s easy to take part, and all that electricity and gas customers need to do is to respond to the online questionnaires at:

The study is completely confidential and customers will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

“This study isn’t one of those obvious ‘score-chasing’ marketing surveys we all dread as customers”, explains CTMA’s Managing Director, Paul Linnell,  “This is a genuine effort to get to the bottom of what’s good, and what’s not good, about the service provided by electricity and gas supply companies in New Zealand.  It actively asks about any problems or concerns customers have encountered with their power company in the past year, and how well they were able to get things sorted out.  There’s even space at the end of the questionnaire to add your own comments about what you like most and what you’d like to see change at your power company”.

The study reports back to participating power companies with insights about their customers’ experiences, and identifies specific opportunities for improvement.

“We know that some power companies take their customers’ experience very seriously, but customers still experience problems, and some aspects of service may even be getting worse”, explains Linnell.  “It’s so important that these issues are brought to light, and that companies understand the impact that problems can have on customers and on their continued loyalty”.

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