5 Signs You're Dealing With A Genuine Private Buyer

Monday 13 June 2022, 5:07PM
By Your Property Solutions

Working with a genuine private buyer 

Case Study


There was a case of a private buyer who reached out to a company to sell her Earthquake damaged “As Is Where Is” 2-bedroom flat in Wainoni, Christchurch. This was an older lady (Nana), her life consisted of punching cigarettes in her rocking chair, watching Coronation Street, and making her sacred weekly trip to Eastgate mall to grab her groceries, darts, and tv guide.


Nana was a hard case, borderline naughty most of the time. She was lovely, extremely lazy & content living her best life.


Once her property was under contract and the settlement date was closing in, she hadn’t bothered to find a place to purchase next to move on to...


It was quite a dilemma, the contractors were all ready to go to start work in less than 2 weeks and old Nana was going to be out on the street! 


There wasn’t a chance Nana was finding a property, so this company came up with an alternative solution. 


Instead of canceling the contract and walking away, they sat down with Nana and proposed a strategy where they would cancel the contract to purchase the property, but instead continue with a project management agreement that required a foundation re-level and a full cosmetic makeover.


Nana would get to choose the colors, the carpet, and the kitchen materials all to her liking, and the contract included a 2-month accommodation package whilst her property was being turned around. If she didn’t smoke cigarettes inside the temporary accommodation the company said they would shout her a new lounge suite as a bonus for good behavior.


The end result would turn out to be the most satisfying project ever undertaken by this company, the client got exactly what she wanted, and she didn’t have to worry about finding another house and dealing with the stress of moving at that stage in her life. 


And for the buyers…


Well, they completed yet another profitable project leaving a very happy customer. 


About 1 and a half years later, the daughter called the company and said “Hey I just wanted to let you know that Nana has passed away, she clearly loved you guys and her lounge suite has been left for you, I’m not sure if you want to come and get it?” 


This is one of many examples, where a private buyer with the right values and ability to get the job done can make all the difference in the world.


You're probably thinking well, who was the private buyer?


And proudly we say well, that was us


Alright, enough about us



Tell-Tale Signs of A Genuine Private House Buyer 


-Gives you time and space to seek advice or legal counsel before walking away

-Provides their best, fair, and most reasonable offer straight away

-Conducts business with empathy and understanding

-Inserts special conditions and settlement dates that suit the seller

-Communication is fast, clear and the process is explained to you


Where do I find a Genuine Private House buyer?


Genuine buyers have a good presence, whether it's a website online, Google, Facebook, or Instagram, they aren’t afraid to show their faces. 


If you go a little deeper into their pages and platforms you’ll find if they give a damn about what they are offering..(to help people like you), their socials should back that up.


A little bit hard to tell from face value, but after you check a few websites out, you’ll get to see the difference.



How can I know for sure I’m dealing with a genuine private buyer?


You're wanting to achieve the best price you possibly can for your property and at the same time you don’t want to feel like you are being ripped off, you may only get one chance at this and to ensure your going to get the best possible deal and service, have a crack at the following:


-Seek out legitimate referrals from previous sellers

-Ask your solicitor if they have had any prior dealings with that buyer

-Look up testimonials, (Video ones are best)

-Credibility and authority in space and media presence (Podcasts - Magazines - Articles) 

-Speaking to Real Estate agents (They tend to have experience dealing with the different private buyers)

-Pick up the phone and have a conversation or interview with multiple companies

-Feel them out for certain terms and clauses that be in your offer

-How much helpful information do they provide to you or what do they have on their website? 

-Look into the track record of the private buyer (Do they have any projects on, how many)


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