Switching To Vaping? Remember It's Not The Same As Cigarette Smoking

Friday 17 June 2022, 3:50PM
By Premium SEO NZ

Vaping continues to grow as a viable alternative for cigarette smokers looking to wean themselves off the habit. That’s because vapes allow smokers to lessen their nicotine intake over time, making it easier to eventually stop completely. Vapes also enable smokers to maintain certain subconscious and oftentimes stress-relieving habits associated with smoking – like having something to do with their hands – while they work on overcoming their reliance on nicotine. Once their dependence on nicotine has been overcome, it then becomes possible for former cigarette smokers to ultimately replace their vaping habit with something else to relieve their stress.

While the value of vaping may be evident to smokers looking to quit their cigarettes, it can still be quite an adjustment to replace cigarettes with vapes. That’s because vapes and cigarettes are essentially different. In fact, even the way in which vape fumes should be inhaled is not the same as cigarette smoking, with the vaping technique being a lot slower and deeper.

So, in the same way that cigarette smokers likely first tried out different brands before settling on their cigarette of choice, they will first have to test out different kinds of vapes to find the one that suits them best. As part of this testing period, smokers should consider different vape mouthpieces and juice flavours. Smokers should also consult professionals at their local vape shop in Napier about whether to opt for juice refills versus pods. Things like battery charging, coil replacements, and cleaning, along with associated costs for vape accessories, should also be considered before making a final switch from cigarettes to vapes.

Once smokers have done their homework and settled on the best vape for their personal needs and preferences, they will be one step closer to quitting cigarettes for good.