Agsafe Weekly Report

Monday 27 June 2022, 8:55AM
By Media PA

Finance:  The NZ dollar was steady against the US dollar following the adjustments the previous week.    The world markets remain unsettled with the high inflation in most western countries.

Wool:  Wool prices remain in the doldrums. Perhaps the industry needs to look closer at other users of wool in other countries!!

Beef, Sheep & Venison schedules: The meat schedules are mostly steady with some classes trending upwards as world food shortages start to become evident in the markets.  The slaughter facilities are slowing returning to normal production.

Dairy Prices:  The demand for dairy commodities is very strong going into the new season with futures markets predicting payments of $10/kg ms.  The g/DT eased slightly with WMP down 0.6% with SMP still rising.   

Costs have sky-rocketed over recent months with fuel and fertiliser leading the charge.  It is time to reassess the operations.  Quad bikes use more fuel than motorbikes, soil tests can let you be more specific with your fertiliser application, planning jobs can save fuel and less trips to town will add to the bottom-line.