Love Snack Launches New Superfood Toddler Smoothies

Thursday 7 July 2022, 2:46PM
By Shannon Aldridge : Copy Write

Media Release July 2022 

Exciting news! New Zealand brand Love Snack has launched into the market with their range of Superfood Toddler Smoothies. An initiative created to improve children’s diets and ease the strain on busy parents. Love Snack offers a range of quality blends to provide convenient nutrition, from simple yet amazing plant-based superfoods. The Superfood Smoothies are made as you would make at home, raw, natural, plant-based, with no added preservatives, additives, gums or thickeners. 

Available to purchase online in three different flavours suitable for ages 6 months+ — Berry Beet, Cacao Berry and Coco Greens. Each blend uses a base of banana, oats, and spinach, with a power house nut and seed combination of chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and almonds. 

Superfood Toddler Smoothies are an affordable healthy snack at RRP $9.90 for each 300g pack or $18.90 for 600g with the option to customise serving size depending on age and stage. Or try all three flavours in their Small Starter Pack for $29.90, a limited time special. 

Better for your kids and for the planet, Love Snack only uses recyclable soft-plastic and offers a circular packaging system to ensure the packaging is recycled correctly and the ice packs are re-used. 

‘’Love Snack takes the guesswork out of creating a balanced snack for your child, as they contain a good blend of complex carbohydrates, plant proteins & healthy fats. In particular, I love that each blend contains 7 grams of spinach per 100 gram serve, providing a good source of iron, protein, calcium, and chlorophyll.’’ Says well known plant-based nutritionist & naturopath Buffy Ellen 

‘’I guarantee that Love Snack smoothies are nutritious products that are convenient and environmentally friendly. Your child will enjoy a superfood smoothie exactly as you would make at home — without all the prep and mess! From my kitchen to yours, I hope this saves you time and most of all gives you peace of mind knowing you are filling your little ones with love.’’ Julia, founder of Love Snack. 

You can find Love Snack’s range of Superfood Toddler Smoothies at or more about the range at @lovesnacknz