House Washing Services Now Available at Premium Clean

Thursday 14 July 2022, 3:03PM
By Premium Cleaning Services

There are many ways to clean a home or a business. But nothing comes as clean as house washing services rendered by the professionals from Premium Clean Services. 

Over time, your house can become filthy and potentially harbour mould and algae. To solve this issue and if you want their property to look best, you should consider professional house washing services. 

This cleaning service uses a pressure washer or commonly known here as a power washer, to clean the various surfaces like the deck, siding, driveway and other exterior areas of your home to effectively remove dirt build-up, sediment, and other debris. 

Benefits of using House Washing Services

According to the house washing experts from the company, Premium Clean not only helps to make your house look new, but it can also reduce the damage caused by insects, chalk, mould, and more. This buildup can break down and damage the wood and masonry over time. It also causes the degradation of the paint and stains. 

“House washing has many other benefits and it does not only apply to the walls but you can include the roof and fences too. House washing is efficient, it is also quick yet effective and can easily clean large areas in half the time it does cleaning it manually,” says one of the cleaning pros at Premium Clean, Auckland’s premier cleaning services company. 

Premium Clean offers three different packages, including house wash, gutter cleaning, and driveway cleaning, with many services in between. The cleaning company is a one-stop shop for all your house cleaning needs with the goal of bringing back the sparkle into your home. 

Their cleaning professionals use topnotch power and washing practices to leave their client’s homes clean and look new. Along with the most advanced cleaning equipment, all their technicians are trained in every aspect of their job, including customer services and safety. 

Each member of the team has valuable experience in different aspects of cleaning. They took their time to build their knowledge base and hands-on experience to do the best job possible for every project they take on. 

Why Choose Premium Clean For House Washing Services

Many cleaning companies are offering the same services in NZ, but Premium Clean strives to provide the highest level of care. Once the client booked their service, their staff will take care of the rest.

Customers will enjoy simple scheduling, either by filling in the online form or by phone in minutes. To avoid inconvenience, they can clean the house even without the owner on the appointment.

They also use the best industry equipment and environmentally safe cleaners in their house cleaning jobs. The team can work safely and provide quality cleaning.

Their house washing experts are all passionate about delivering excellent service all the time and will be happy to adjust to your needs to serve you better. For more information about Premium Clean’s house washing services, visit

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