Premium Clean Discusses New Policies in Moving Out Under Covid-19

Thursday 14 July 2022, 3:05PM
By Premium Cleaning Services

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you should know the process and expectations of the other party. Premium Clean discusses how to prepare for moving out, what to do before moving out and what to expect when moving out in Auckland and its surrounding areas during this pandemic.

You'll want to get your bond back if you plan to move out. But remember, your landlord is entitled to do some inspections before returning the bond. Therefore, it is essential to understand what these are and your responsibilities so that the process goes smoothly.

"In addition to the existing policies on moving houses and rentals, Kiwis should also follow the policies under the COVID Protection Framework. We are now at the Orange traffic light. Therefore, My Vaccine Pass is no longer required, but businesses can use them if needed. Moving homes is now allowed too," says a New Zealand cleaning company experiencing a sudden surge in customers for move-out cleaning.

That means people can move to another city if they are relocating permanently. Since the rate of COVID-19 infections has decreased, families with plans to move can now do so. 

Ending Tenancies and Moving House Under Orange Traffic Light

Tenants can now move to a new house or rental property in Auckland and all other areas in New Zealand as long as they follow the public health guidance, like social distancing and wearing masks, according to the latest guidelines from Tenancy Services NZ.

Those who are required to self-isolate must talk to their prospective landlords to try to reach an agreement that is convenient for everyone. Furthermore, the Ministry can impose tenancy terminations if there are COVID-19 requirements that supersede all other arrangements.  

If the tenant and members of the household test positive for COVID-19, they should not let anyone into their home. It applies to tradespeople who have scheduled repair works on the property. It covers repair and maintenance work and end-of-tenancy or move-out cleaning.

Property Inspections and End of Tenancy Check

The guidelines also cover in-person inspection of rental properties. In addition, the Ministry requires everyone involved to follow public health guidelines of physical distancing and wearing face masks.

It is recommended for tenants and landlords to discuss whether in-person inspections are necessary. For tenants who have genuine concerns about access to their home during this period, they should talk to their landlord. 

For unvaccinated landlords or property managers, the tenant cannot refuse them access to the property for inspections. However, should they have a concern, they need to bring it up to the landlord to devise an arrangement that satisfies them both.

During the final viewing, the tenant and the landlord must be present and follow the public health guidance on mask-wearing and physical distancing. 

Bond Services

According to the Ministry, the new rule applies to the tenancy announced in 2021. If the tenant and the landlord have reached an agreement regarding the termination of the tenancy, they can apply for a bond refund or bond transfer. It will be processed within five days. However, bond lodgements might be delayed as their resources are refocused on refunds and transfers.

The tenant must know what needs to be done before moving out and the landlord's expectations. You also need to put COVID19 into consideration, research what's the current situation in NZ, the new policies involving moving out, and the like. 

With the current COVID-19 situation under control, the government is supporting the tenant and the landlord with legislation protecting both interests.