Businesses being protected from government policy with common law

Monday 8 August 2022, 9:41AM

By Eden PR


In Maori culture the tui is associated with life fulfillment, confidence, and spiritual harmony. They are said to be messengers of the Gods and Goddesses. They acted as a medium to communicate with the gods and goddesses in Maori beliefs.
In Maori culture the tui is associated with life fulfillment, confidence, and spiritual harmony. They are said to be messengers of the Gods and Goddesses. They acted as a medium to communicate with the gods and goddesses in Maori beliefs. Credit: Tui Law Counsel

Tracy Lynch Director of the Tui Law Counsel has dealt with her own business trying to be shut down too, most recently by the law society. "But I'm not a member so they have no power over me. That is a concept that many people are now just starting to understand. Basic contract law states that for a contract to exist you must have consent, and government agencies and governing bodies achieve that through registrations and memberships; dog registrations, car registrations, drivers licenses,membership to the Law Society, your birth certificate or membership to Worksafe are all examples. When you sign up for anything you then fall under their jurisdiction. People need to stop signing up" says Lynch.

Natural law is God's law that you do no harm to person or property. People also have unalienable rights that cannot be taken away - the right to breathe for example is one that is currently being challenged.

Lynch says it is causing retailers in particular grief as many are misguided in thinking they can force mask wearing on people and they can't. If you compromise someones unalieanble right to breath they can serve you with a notice of liability for harm and damage and sue you. People that know their rights are doing just that. 

Business profitability has been impacted in recent years with covid lockdowns, increaing litigation (alot being settled at mediation) and refusing entry to customers who do not wear masks, some of whom are Type A customers that they are trying to attract with advertising.

"Mitre 10 Pukekohe lost a non mask wearing customer who they walked out of their store. That customer last year spent $10K with them the year prior. That is just stupid" says Lynch.

"The fact New Zealand seems to be the only country in the world forcing mask wearing should make people wake up that something else is at play here. There is also extensive research and case law that posits that only do masks not protect, they cause harm by limiting your oxygen intake and reducing your immunity which will attract a virus to you!" says Lynch.

"What's worse is the government has now denounced responsibility for this practise, police do not seem to be enforcing it and some have even announced that, and retailers and other businesses are now fully liable for harm and damage should they demand customers wear masks and refuse entry to their premises" says Lynch.

No one has ever been prosecuted for not wearing a mask.

Alternatively a disgruntled customer could take action against a business if they deem non mask wearers present risk to them.

It certainly presents a quagmire for business but the Law Counsel is helping businesses through the process by creating templates that allow all customers and visitors to 'opt out' of covid policies and essentially create a new contract. 

Customers and visitors just need to agree that they will not take legal action against the business re covid mandates. What most people are unaware of is that a mandate (as defined by Blacklaws Dictionary) is a request anyway to which you have a right to say yes or no to. It is not compulsory - if such things were compulsory you would be a slave. A contract always requires your consent.

A recent flood of photos and commentary on social media suggests mask wearing is waning on a large scale.

"Kiwis are no longer flightless but many want to be maskless too. They have had enough of years of government propoganda with little independent scientific research that these covid mandates are effective, however they do seem to be very effective in closing businesseses down" says Lynch.

The Law Counsel has also been successful in dealing with Worksafe who have been threatening business owners with business closure if they do not comply with covid mandates and denouncing dog registrations in the Northland and the Wellington regions.

"Many of  our members are also in the process of claiming allodial title or a putting a claim on their land and refusing to pay rates, which is not a lawful tax anyway and removing themselves from IRD so they do not have to pay income tax" says Lynch.

Current government policy is putting pressure on peoples incomes and has caused harm and damage to them. Many parents are also now having to leave jobs to homeschool children and they are choosing to not pay taxes in response - which is ironic because that in itself is a Notice of Liability - you are penalising the agency that has caused you harm. "We suggest you 'set off' any taxes against that owed you, in the worst case scenario" says Lynch.

Ian Wishart is arguably one of the greatest investigative journalists of our time. In his book Totalitaria he posits that in our lifetime one of our greatest enemies would be the state. Some say that day has arrived but it is comforting that natural law is protecting businesses and people from these attacks.

Says Lynch "Some people are starting to realise that we are indeed are at war - it is a civil war that can be won with the power of the pen through and the will of the people and victory is on the horizon, people just need to stand up. Levin and Palmerston North are rocking it".

If people are interested in membership of the Law Counsel they can be contacted  through their website The Law Counsel operates as a conduit between the individual and government agencies.