How Much Does It Cost to Reroof in Auckland 2023?

Tuesday 6 December 2022, 7:57AM

By Vicky D


Home Reroof
Home Reroof Credit: Superior Renovations
Reroofing cost auckland
Reroofing cost auckland Credit: Vicky D


What is reroofing? How is it different from roof replacement? We need to look after our roofs every now and then to ensure that it's in good condition and can endure harsh weather conditions. Reroofing is a temporary fix to certain roof problems. Not all problems require a reroof as they might just require you to replace the entire roof. 

There are many variables that will help detemine the cost of a reroof or a roof replacement. Reroofing your home is the cheaper alternative as having a full roof replacement can be expensive. With a roof replacement, you're also able to change your roof material and ensure its durable and last long. 

Try our reroofing cost calculator here:

When trying to DIY your own roof, you'd also want to ensure there is no asbestos in your roof. Look at the signs that indicates if you have asbestos or not and contact a professional as asbestos can be harmful if done incorrectly. 

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