Being Self-employed Can Be Your Best Option

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 9:58AM

By Business for Sale NZ - NZBizBuySell


Being Self-employed - a great choice for many
Being Self-employed - a great choice for many Credit: Business for Sale NZ - NZBizBuySell

Life is all about the choices you make. Your particular mix of skills, experiences, ambition and awareness provide the paving stones to your journey. The career process of just going to school, getting a job then retiring has become more involved as many more opportunities open up to you.

Today’s career options could now encompass going to school, further study, employment in several jobs, purchasing your first business, changing that for another business, selling your business, starting a franchise, and never really retiring.

Twenty years ago, the prospect of remaining with one company for life wasn’t that uncommon.  Interestingly, today’s youth are predicted to have up to 30 jobs over their working life.

Owning your own business – how does it happen?

“We are generally products of our environment and if your parents were in business, then you are much more likely to own a business yourself” says Richard O’Brien director of the New Zealand Business for Sale website  “Through osmosis you will have gained skills, understand the risks and are more likely see the benefits that owning a business brings. This knowledge, awareness and conditioning makes you more receptive to self-employment and you are more likely to end up at the helm of your own business and in control of your own destiny.”

Owning and operating a business is an exciting and rewarding option. Even if your historical environment may not have equipped you with the necessary skills and knowledge, these things can be learnt. From here you can enjoy the benefits that self-employment brings.

Our business pioneers and entrepreneurs, have helped put our country on the map in terms of global innovation and competitiveness. Coupled with New Zealand being ranked as number 1 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business (according to the latest World Bank annual ratings), this makes New Zealand a great place to own a business.

Small and medium size enterprises are not only our largest employers but are also a core part of our economy, contributing about 30 percent to New Zealand's GDP.

If you find yourself looking for more than just the 9 to 5 job, then check out some of the great business opportunities available on specialist NZ business for sale websites - the choice is yours!